Can You Boost Your Income with a Little Seasoning?

pix Can You Boost Your Income with a Little Seasoning?

bellydancecartoon 265x300 Can You Boost Your Income with a Little Seasoning?No, I’m not talking about raiding the cupboard for some salt and pepper or some origano or tarragon. I’m talking about adding to your income using the Seasons.

And in particular, the holiday seasons, Xmas, Easter, Thanks Giving, Hallowe’en and other celebration days.

I’m actually witing this post from Turkey. And no, I’m NOT sitting basking in the sun by a glittering swimming pool sipping a ridiculous-looking cocktail. I’m actually sitting in a large sweater on my hotel room balcony, shivvering and watching lightning streak across the sky and the rain pouring down!!

So why am I shivvering in Turkey? Well, my husband makes his money from the Seasons… he’s a landscape gardener and the summer season is the time when he makes most of his money. He flat refused to leave the UK in the summer so we could have a holiday! Grrr!! So here we are in Turkey, searching for the sun and trying to escape the cold and wet of England for a few days. Typical!

Of course, all this ruminating on the seasons got me thinking about how I, as an internet marketer, can take advantage of the Seasons to make some extra cash. For example, with Xmas looming now is a great time to get myself over to or and see what’s going to be hot giftwise — what are people going to be searching for to buy as gifts.

And then there’s the inevitable and somewhat tedious task of creating a website with all the mucking around with html and .php to promote the products, either that or I have to pay someone to create one or more for me – arrghh!

But I’ve found the solution…

I can show you how you can create your own professional-looking website without using any html .php, plugins, cascading style sheets, MySQL databases and all the other technical bumph that goes with it. And, you can get it started and finished TODAY!

What’s more, you can promote any product or service you like with just the click of your mouse.

Amazon products – they’re covered
eBay products – covered
Clickbank products – covered
PayDotCom products – covered

In fact any product or service that has an affiliate program, you can add to this amazing website.

Check out this quick example Xmas Gift Ideas website I set up  in about half an hour

If you’re not into Xmas, why not create a website around another holiday, Easter, for example, or Valentines Day? And you don’t have to stick to the holiday seasons. Do you have a great product or service in mind that you want to promote? A hosting service, an eBook, a coaching program? Why not create a website around that?

A great trick that not many people know about, and I’ll probably be deeply unpopular for is this….

Say, for example, you know that the Panasonic TX-L32X15 32-inch Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV is hot at the moment — why not go an grab the domain name and set your website up on that domain.

All you need to do then is copy the blurb about the product that you find on Amazon (or other affiliate program), rewrite it a little, swap a few paragraphs round and add this to your website as content.

You can do this with any product you wish to promote (be careful with trademarked names, though)

Alternatively, you might like to make your whole website about widescreen LCD TV’s — a kind of review site — and place your affiliate links to several products on the site. It’s entirely up to you.

So, how do I create this website and can I make as many of these websites as I wish?

The only place you can get your hands on this webiste, a website that you can create over and over and over again; a website that you can create multiple streams of income from; a website that you can design the way you wish; a website that you can set up in about an hour with no html, .php or technical knowledge is from John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson at Multi Profit Websites.

John and Dave have been working on this amazing system for nearly 3 years. I can seriously vouch for that as each time I’ve met up with them this has been virtually all they’ve talked about!  To be honest, I was beginning to think they would never get it finished. But after looking at it and test running it myself, I’m not suprised it has taken so long. I know that they have listened to everyone’s requirements…..

  • I want to put up a website with no technical knowledge
  • I want a website that looks good with lots of different themes and templates
  • I want a website that I can promote products from not only the big affilite programs like Amazon an eBay but I want to be able to add my own
  • I want a website that I can build a mailing list from
  • I want a website that will make me money

and on and on….. each request that came in, so John and Dave listened and added the functions. Superb! Seriously!

So if you’ve got products in mind that you want to promote for Xmas (or even Hallowe’en which is only a few days away) you can get started today. But think beyond the seasons — I’m sure you have loads of ideas flying around in your head, I know I do! The possibilities are endless.

Check out Multi Profit Websites right now and if you decide it’s something that floats your boat, grab it pretty sharpish as it launches today and like many of these sought after products there are only a few quick action bonuses and an this is an introductory price. Once the bonuses are gone (and there aren’t that many available, only 50!) then they’re gone and once the introductory price runs out, you’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t get in at the beginning.

Take a look at the bonuses on offer — I can vouch for every single one of them as I’ve tested them all out without exception and you will find reviews of many of them on this blog. Additionally, I have added my own personal bonus…

Now as I’m in Turkey at the moment, I don’t have the facilities to create some splendid tutorial videos (not needed anyway as the tutorial videos for Multi Profit Websites in the Membership Area are fantastic), but I am happy to offer to the first 10 (ten) people that purchase MPW through my link Personal

Troubleshooting and Ideas Generation with ME!

I’m not going to say that my time is worth X-amount of dollars, as many marketers do. My time is only worth to you what you get out of it – if you feel tha I don’t help you, then my time is worth nothing to you. However, I’ve been around the block a few times in this crazy internet marketing world, so most will agree that I pretty much know what I’m doing!! I am happy to offer you any advice an support on any aspect of Multi Profit Websites, including setting up, troubleshooting, idea generation  etc etc. You can email me whenever you wish and we will also arrange a special call on Skype, or a chat on MSN where you can ask me as many questions as you wish in an hour.

Simply purchase Multi Profit Websites from my link here

then email me your clickbank receipt, and I’ll come back to you to discuss when we can chat.

Have fun creating your websites and I sincerely hope you get `in’ in time for the other brilliant bonuses offered 🙂

Keep your fingers crossed for me that it stops raining, and that I can do a bit of sunbathing tomorrow. I’m off to try a bit of belly dancing now – and believe me there’s a fair bit of belly to be dancing with!!

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