Give Your Blog A Traffic Injection

pix Give Your Blog A Traffic Injection

Apologies for not posting for so long everyone, it’s been a bit like a madhouse here, what with Christmas coming up.

I actually have 7 draft posts in my blog dashboard, all half written and then put on the shelf to `finish later’.  My New Year’s resolution will be `get […] Continue Reading…

Become A Best-Selling Book Author in 1 Hour

pix Become A Best Selling Book Author in 1 Hour

A few weeks back my friend, John Thornhill, blogged about another income stream that he’d added to his arsenal. And I thought to myself, “sugar, why didn’t I think of that? Of course……” [cue light-bulb moment].
What was especially weird was that I actually HAD “thought of that” a few […] Continue Reading…

Do You Know Who I Am?

pix Do You Know Who I Am?

No, that’s not me barging into some plush restaurant, being refused a table and demanding “Do you know who I am” like some publicity-crazed reality TV Z-Lister!

I had never really thought I was that elusive, (obscure, maybe), until my friend, ghostwriter to the stars, Pat Graham, referred to me […] Continue Reading…

Could Your WordPress Blog Be Hacked?

pix Could Your Wordpress Blog Be Hacked?

More and more of my I.M. colleagues and indeed new people that I meet on line are `getting into blogging’. And why not? Blogs are relatively easy to produce and use, no matter which platform you choose, and they can be a brilliant tool for internet marketers.

However, no matter […] Continue Reading…

What is “Open Source”?

pix What is Open Source?

Open Source stuff on the web is basically FREE stuff!

It could be a computer program, operating system or even a piece of software that is publically available for anyone to use and it’s free.

Open Source items in general can be freely modified and developed and redistributed.

Some of the best […] Continue Reading…

Limited Licence PLR Email Auto-Responder Packs Now Live!

pix Limited Licence PLR Email Auto Responder Packs Now Live!

Now that the subscribers to the priority list have had their exclusive 24-hour first-come-first-served period, there are a few of my limited licence PLR autoresponder email packs left.

Just upload them to your autoresponder, set and forget!

If you are looking for eBay-related autoresponder emails; fresh content to send to your […] Continue Reading…

PLR ALERT: New PLR Auto-Responder Email Pack Coming

pix PLR ALERT: New PLR Auto Responder Email Pack Coming

Just a quick heads up to those that have been asking, and any other interested readers — I’ll be releasing another PLR Auto-Responder email pack on Sunday, 14th September.

As per the last pack I released,

these will be limited licence only, so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The last packs sold […] Continue Reading…

Update: What’s Going on at Aweber

pix Update: Whats Going on at Aweber

Maintenance Period Tonight

Tonight from 11PM-6AM EST the customer account area will be unavailable to put updates into place to solve the subscriber delay below. For updates follow tkulzer on Twitter.

Temporary New Subscriber Delay: We are currently experiencing delays with new subscribers being added to your account and the initial […] Continue Reading…

What’s Going on at Aweber?

pix Whats Going on at Aweber?

Just tried to login to my Aweber account, but I can’t. Are any other Aweber users experiencing similar problems?

I first noticed problems yesterday when I had a few emails from subscribers to my 7 Magic Steps eCourse, saying that they hadn’t received Lesson 1 – similarly from subscribers from […] Continue Reading…

On Holiday with The Bretts!

pix On Holiday with The Bretts!

Well, I’m fresh back from my Florida whirlwind holiday! Did ya miss me? Did ya, did ya?

I actually got back a couple of days ago but the jet-lag has hit me much harder than I expected, and I’ve got some dreaded lurgy from breathing in everyone’s recycled germs for […] Continue Reading…